Dafoe is Turning 60!

Dafoe is Turning 60!

30 Mar 2017

This May we will celebrate our 60th year anniversary! Our first shop and yard was on the corner of Deerfoot and Southland Dr, which back then, was considered “The edge of the city.”

60 years later we are still on the edge of the city in between Calgary and Landgon and building a state of the art maintenance facility and a permanent home for our company to continue to grow.

Dafoe assisted with the construction of many iconic landmarks in Calgary which just goes to show how long ago 60 years was. The Calgary Tower, Banker’s Hall Towers, Both the new and the old airport, Calgary’s Ring Road and Spruce Meadows to name a few.


We look forward to growing with the City of Calgary and our valued customers for another 60 years.