Our Equipment

Dafoe Trucking has a wide variety of equipment for all types of jobs. We have Tandem Axle Trucks, End Dumps, Truck and Quad Wagon’s and a highway fleet of Super B Side Dump trailers that we use for our bulk hauling. Whether it’s sand, gravel, rocks, fertilizer or dirt we have the equipment to help.



These are for smaller volumes of product. Great for landscaping, paving, garbage removal and dirt.
Tandem work is billed by the hour.

Net Tonnes

14 t

Super B Side Dump

Working all over North America, our Super B’s are kept busy hauling sand, fertilizer, gravel and salt. They can hold upwards of 42 tonne per load and all loads are tipped over the side of the trailers.

Net Tonnes

41 t

Truck and Quad Wagon

Wagons are a large unit that can jack knife in small areas and delivery over 36 Tonne of product.

Net Tonnes

36 t

End Dump

We have 5 end dumps with lift gates and 5 with swing gates. These are good, reliable units that need room to lift its 40-foot box.

Net Tonnes

29 t

Truck and Tri Axle Pup

Tri Axle Pups are the workhorse of road construction projects. They are great for spreading, stockpiling and getting a large volume of product into a tight spot.

Net Tonnes

28 t